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Air Freight for Import & Export

1 Time Definite Service
2 Consolidated Service
3 Door to Door Service
4 Dangerous Goods Certified
5 Garments on Hanger (GOH Shipment)
6 Experienced in Refrigerated & Perishable Goods
7 Pick up and Delivery Service

Ocean Services for Import & Export

1 LCL & FCL shipment
2 Break Bulk Service
3 Door to Door Service
4 Handle Refrigerated Cargoes
5 Garments on Hanger (GOH Shipments)
6 Open Tops and Fat Racks Containers
7 Pick up and Delivery Service

Customs Clearing

RAF is familiar with all clearance procedure for import and export. Your shipment can be cleared in a short period of time that will minimize the delivery time.

Combined Transport

This is another kind of transportation service provided by RAF for the destination of shipment is far away from airport or port, or any reasons for not being able to use the traditional transportation. It could be sea-air, sea-land or air-land that depends on the destination.